Build a 3 cubic meters garden pond

Build a 3 cubic meters garden pond in 7 days (nominal). Total duration 35 - 45 days (allow a few days / weeks for the concrete and mortar to mature while you recover your strength.


  • 2.9 CM (760 gallons), overflow, automatic level control, drip, from borehole.
  • Solar ready. 12V lights 20A power source / pump 50W, 60 L min - 1000 Gal hour, 4m head
  • Water fall 1m above pond, sprinkler and glass window
  • Home made 20L bucket solids filtration, cyclone with bottom drain.
  • Aquaponics ready. Bath tub hydroponics flooding with cascade horizontal tubing expansion.
  • Timer powering the motor, lights and a home made actuator valve for draining solids + tubing to flower beds.
  • All around underground rain water drain pipes

Labor: 2 cents

Materials: R3610 ($280)

Tools: Pick, Shovel, Trowel, Brush, Paint Containers, Hammer, Hacksaw, Screwdrivers, Gloves


  • Cement 7 bags 45 MPA R480 ($37)
  • Stone 20-30 mm 0.25 CM R180 ($14)
  • River sand: 0.3 CM and brickforce R180 ($14)
  • Plaster sand 0.2 CM R180 ($14)
  • Bricks 1200 units R1320 ($102)
  • Waterproofing Coprox Sikalite etc 2Kg powder R190 ($9). 1 Kg used as additive for concrete, mortar and plaster and 1 Kg used to paint the inside wall, 2 layers.
  •  10mm Toughened glass (2m x 0.9) Left over from a broken shower otherwise you pay R1100
  • Granite slab. The top from a bathroom cabinet you pay R800
  • Rocks. Drive around and collect from building sites. They'll gladly get rid of rocks and top soil.
  • Lights. 10 x 3w angel eye lights R100 ($8). Don't pay $30 for 1 underwater light when you can buy 10 x LED AE for $8
  • 10mm x 3m pvs or poly conduit for pipes R50 ($4)
  • Wire LED lights 10m R25 ($2)
  • Wire underground 4mm x 12m (left over). Connection from 12V power source or solar system to the pond
  • 12V 1000 gallons pump (60 L / min). R300 ($23)
  • 2 x 6m x 110 mm PVC drain pipe, drainage rain water around the pond and evacuation from pond overflow R300 ($23)
  • 1 x 6m 50 mm PVC pipe R60 ($5). Pond water circulation.
  • 1 x 1700mm x 400 mm acrylic bath tub. Trim off the top edge. (Left over)
  • 2 x silicone marine tubes R120 ($10)
  • PVC liner 5 SQM R180 ($14)

Nominal work:

Day 1: Dig. This pond is 25% below ground and 75% above. Total height 1.2 m, volume 2.9 cubic meters (about 760 gallons). The concrete slab is 18 cm thick reinforced with 2mm brick force.

Day 2: Plumbing and concrete slab.

Day 3: Brick works, glass installation and lights

Day 4: Plaster internal, external walls

Day 5: Waterproof paint inside & outside, water fall earth works, liner, install bath tub

Day 6: 12V cables, electrical connections to pond

Day 7: Collect rocks and build the water fall, drop in some plants and test.

Day 8+: Run the pump and create a bio system


How to install wall tiles

Bathrooms Stone Water

How to install floor tiles

Perfect level floor tiles

Feeling good colour therapy bathrooms

Striped Walls
Whether it is made from textiles or tiles or even painted, multicolored striped walls and patterns will bring new life and a playful environment to your bathroom.

Bathrooms striped walls

Intense shade of indigos offer an elegant bath looking more spacious. Paint one wall in this color and fill with white or pastel shades the other walls.

Bathroom colour indigo

Used in a bathroom painted white, red accents offers space and a lot more light. Bathroom curtains or curtains in red and white combinations are ideal for small bathrooms.

Orange Energy
A bath with orange decorative elements can not possibly go unnoticed. Orange accents helps you energize and makes you feel good every day particularly in the morning. Grumpy in the morning? No more, just get some orange in your bathroom.

coour bathroom orange 2

Jade Green
This color will give you the feeling that you're in a bath surrounded by an ancient atmosphere and can be complemented well with pieces of classic furniture.

Navy Blue
A bathroom that makes you see the ocean every day. If you want a place where you feel like you're invaded by silence, it is the color that fits your bathroom.

colour bathroom navy 3

Yellow Citric
If you want to wake up quickly, choose a bright and fresh color, such as yellow. If you need a quick wakeup call, don't think twice choose yellow. It may seem too much to paint the walls in yellow, but you can use decor items towels, mirror frames, soap dishes - to change chromatic elements in the room.

Bathrooms with colorful wallpaper
Wallpaper with flower patterns, makes the perfect link between traditional and modern styles. You can emphasize the contrast using a wallpaper pattern combined with classic and elegant furniture and geometric elements.

 Bathroom floral wall

7 Projects for a small bathroom

Are you tired of a lousy small bathroom? You're in the right place as we'll give you some ideas how to renovate small spaces headache free and how to find optimal solutions for great functional arrangements that you may need. Bottom line, to increase the depth of your bathroom, consider a big mirror.

 1. Neutral beige and brown colours are well adapted for small bathroom spaces. Consider a glass door to your bathroom that allows natural light to penetrate if you have a small bathroom window or no window.

Small Bathroom 1

2. The second project is an ideal solution for a small bathroom. The space here is optimized to make the most of each area, but avoid a crowded feeling. A stretched washbasin offers extra room for storage and the shower can give you a new dimension in ergonomics. It is tried and works.

Small Bathroom 2

3. For those who prefer comfort, even a bidet, here is a model to consider. A round sink and a tub adapted especially to small spaces. The tiles are a play combination, offering a pleasant general effect.

 Small bathroom 3

4. For guest rooms a basic bath can be designed. Corner shower with base, toilet and suspended sink are some of the many ideas that can be implemented in any bathroom.

Small bathroom 4

5. The following example can be a model fitting for any bathroom. New models of cabins (no tub that specified) adapts perfectly to small bathrooms.

Small bathroom 5

6. If you like living colours, you can successfully integrate the bathroom presented here. If you prefer shades, you can just take over the practical ideas in this space.

small bathroom 6

7. New types of tiles that mimic the look of wood are the perfect solution to recreate the charm of wood surroundings. A minimalist arrangement is recommended for any small bathroom. Anything else is in your capable hands.

small bathroom 7