VINYL Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring pros

Easy maintenance

It takes less time and doesn’t require any skills.


Vinyl floors can be used in any area of your home, including the places that are moisture-prone.


The comfort of walking or standing on vinyl is exceptional

Wide range of styles

The designs, colors, and styles available for vinyl plank flooring are almost limitless. You can have exotic hardwood, stone or even marble replicas. What’s more, the replicas will be almost identical to the real one. 

Long lasting

Your vinyl plank flooring will last for years even when exposed to constant beatings.


At a considerably low price, you get a quality replica of expensive floors such as hardwood, stone, marble, and more. It makes an excellent alternative, especially when covering large areas.

Excellent insulation

This resilient flooring provides insulation for both heat and sound. It remains warm all throughout, even in the extreme temperatures of winter. With this flooring, you won’t need to avoid walking barefoot on it.

Easy to install

Vinyl plank flooring is one of the easiest to install.

As no flooring is 100% perfect, you need to take in consideration your specific requirements and the Pros and Cons for each category of flooring.



Subfloors should be level, clean and moisture free before the vinyl floor installation.





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We deliver FOB or CIF partial shippments or consolidations in 20 and 40 ft container loads.

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